Montage Series

I started to write the pieces that I call montages back in 1997.

They tie song lyrics to ideas, so in a way they’re mini stories for John and Marlena. Some were funny, others serious and sometimes completely out of Salem time into alternate realities.

But it was a way to not only indulge in listening to music, but also be able to stretch my imagination.


Montage Series


A Place Nearby Series

A Place Nearby (Pt 1) ~ Lene Marlin

One Year Ago   (Pt 2) ~ Lene Marlin

Time Is A Jailer (Pt 3) ~ Anouk

Pictures On Your Skin (Pt 4) ~ Anouk


Absence of the Heart Series

Absence of the Heart (Pt 1) ~ Deana Carter

Love Gives Love Takes  (Pt 2) ~ The Corrs


All At Once Series

All At Once (Pt 1)~ Whitney Houston

Against All Odds (Pt 2) ~ Phil Collins


All I Ask Of You Series

All I Ask Of You (Pt 1) ~ The Phantom of The Opera Soundtrack

With This Tear (Pt 2) ~ Celine Dion


Always Something There To Remind Me Series

Always Something There To Remind Me  (Pt 1)~ Naked Eyes

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (Pt 2) ~ Celine Dion


A Bad Goodbye Series

A Bad Goodbye (Pt 1) ~ Clint Black with Wynonna

Calling You (Pt 2) ~ George Michael

Waltz Away Dreaming (Pt 3) ~ George Michael


Bag It Up Series

Bag It Up (Pt 1) ~ Geri Halliwell

Aint It Funny (Pt 2) ~ Jennifer Lopez


Bridge Over Troubled Waters Series

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Pt 1) ~ Simon and Garfunkle

Where You Lead (Pt 2) ~ Faith Hill


Bridge Over Troubled Waters Series – 2001

Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Pt 1) ~ Simon and Garfunkle

My Heart Will Go On (Pt 2) ~ Celine Dion


Calico Skies Series

Calico Skies (Pt 1) ~ Paul McCartney

Yesterday (Pt 2) ~ The Beatles


Can I Have This Kiss Forever? Series

Can I Have This Kiss Forever (Pt 1) ~ Whitney Houston with Enrique Iglasis

Purest of Pain (A Puro Dolor) (Pt 2) ~ Son By Four


Careless Whispers Series

Careless Whispers (Pt 1) ~ Wham

Black And Blue      (Pt 2) ~ Air Supply


Cry For Help Series

Cry For Help (Pt 1)  ~ Rick Astley

Dreaming My Dreams (Pt 2) ~ The Cranberries

Have A Little Faith In Me (Pt 3) ~ John Hiatt


Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Series

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Part 1) ~ Ultravox

Can’t Be Really Gone (Part 2) ~ Tim McGraw

Wish You Were Here (Part 3) ~ The Bee Gees

Is Your Love Strong Enough (Part 4) ~ Bryan Ferry

Runaway(Part 5) ~ The Corrs

Swept Away (Part 6) ~ Christopher Cross


Falling Away From Me Series

Falling Away From Me (Pt 1) ~ Korn

Where Is Everybody   (Pt 2) ~ Nine Inch Nails


Full Of Grace Series

Full of Grace (Pt 1)  ~ Sarah McLachlan

Haunt Me (Pt 2) ~ Sade


Get Here Series

Get Here (Pt 1) ~ Oleta Adams

I Know The Truth  (Pt 2) ~ Elton John With Janet Jackson


Glass Shatters Series

Glass Shatters (Pt 1) ~ Disturbed

Behind Blue Eyes (Pt 2) ~ The Who


Goodbye My Friend Series

Goodbye My Friend  (Pt 1) ~ Linda Ronstadt

Count Me In (Pt 2) ~ Deana Carter


Helene Series

Helene  (Pt 1) ~ Roch Voisine

How Do You Sleep At Night (Pt 2) ~ Wade Hayes

Don’t Tell Me (Pt 3) ~ Leann Womack

Something About The Way You Look Tonight (Pt 4) ~ Elton John


Here Comes The Flood Series

Here Comes The Flood (Pt 1) ~ Peter Gabriel

Displaced (Pt 2) ~  Azure Ray

Standing Right Next To Me (Pt 3) ~ Karla Bonoff


Honestly Ok Series

Honestly Ok (Pt 1) ~ Dido

I Shall Believe (Pt 2)~ Sheryl Crow


Hopeless Series

Hopeless (Pt 1) ~ Train

To Be With You (Pt 2) ~ Jamie O’Neal


Hunting High And Low Series

Hunting High And Low (Part 1) ~ A-ha

She’s Got A Way (Part 2) ~ Billy Joel

Never Thought (Part 3) ~ Dan Hill


I Can’t Tell You Why Series

I Can’t Tell You Why (Pt 1) ~ Vince Gill

Little Wing (Pt 2) ~ The Corrs


Idol Series

Idol (Pt 1) ~ Amanda Ghost

The Fall (Pt 2) ~ ELO

Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean (Pt 3) ~ Sheila Chandra

If I Fall (Pt 4) ~ Tara McLean


I Don’t Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again Series

I Don’t Ever Want Her To Feel That Way Again (Pt1) ~ Travis Tritt

Sleep Tonight (Pt2) ~ Tim McGraw


I Have A Dream Series

I Have A Dream (Pt 1) ~ Abba

Healing (Pt 2) ~ Wynonna with Michael English


I’m Going To Be Strong Series

I’m Going To Be Strong (Pt 1) ~ Cyndi Lauper

Hold On My Heart (Pt 2) ~ Genesis


I’m Like A Bird Series

I’m Like A Bird (Pt 1) ~ Nelly Furtado

Dancing Barefoot (Pt 2) ~ U2

Loving Every Moment (Pt 3) ~ Mark Wills


Inconsolable Series

Inconsolable (Pt 1) ~ Jonatha Brooke

Nullarbor Song (Pt 2) ~ Kasey Chambers


In The Sand Series

In The Sand (Pt 1) ~ Anouk

Together Alone (Pt 2) ~ Anouk


I’ve Got This Friend Series

I’ve Got This Friend (Pt 1) ~ Faith Hill With Larry Stewart

How Deep Is Your Love (Pt 2) ~ The Bee Gees

Without You (Pt 3) ~ My Fair Lady Soundtrack


Lady Marmalade Series

Lady Marmalade (Pt 1) ~ Christina Aguilara, Pink, Lil’ Kim and Mya

Rope Burn (Pt 2) ~ Janet Jackson

Girls And Boys (Pt 3) ~ Prince


Let Me Let Go Series

Let Me Let Go (Pt 1) ~ Faith Hill

How Could An Angel Break My Heart (Pt 2) ~ Toni Braxton

Shattered Dreams (Pt 3) ~ Johnny Hates Jazz

I Can’t Tell You Why (Pt 4) ~ Vince Gill


Love Never Fails Series

Love Never Fails (Pt 1) ~ Kathie Lee Gifford

Who Would Imagine A King (Pt 2) ~ Whitney Houston


Melody Cool Series

Melody Cool (Part 1) ~ Mavis Staples

I Need You (Part 2) ~ LeAnn Rimes


My Baby You Series

My Baby You (Pt 1) ~ Marc Anthony

The Story Of My Life (Pt 2) ~ Neil Diamond


Objection Tango Series

Objection Tango (Pt 1) ~ Shakira

Word Up (Pt 2) ~ Mel B.


Please Series

Please (Pt 1) ~ The Kinleys

Lets Make Love (Pt 2)  ~ Faith Hill With Tim McGraw


Rock The Boat Series

Rock The Boat (Pt 1) ~ Aaliyah

Something Stupid (Pt 2) ~ Robbie Williams With Nicole Kidman


Seduces Me Series

Seduces Me (Pt 1) ~ Celine Dion

Song Instead of A Kiss (Pt 2) ~ Alannah Myles

Still Holding On (Pt 3) ~ Martina McBride With Clint Black

Suspended In Time (Pt 4) ~ Olivia Newton John


Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely Series

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Part 1) ~ Backstreet Boys

Seven Shades Of Blue  (Part 2) ~ Beth Neilsen Chapman

Yes I Am (Part 3) ~ Melissa Etheridge


Sleep Of The Good Series

Sleep Of The Good (Pt 1) ~ Heathcliff Soundtrack

Shape Of My Heart (Pt 2) ~ Backstreet Boys

Never Saw Blue Like That (Pt 3) ~ Shawn Colvin


Someone Else’s Story Series

Someone Else’s Story (Pt 1)~ Chess Soundtrack

The King Has Lost His Crown (Pt 2) ~ Abba


Somewhere In Between Series

Somewhere In Between     (Pt 1) ~ Lifehouse

When I Think About Angels (Pt 2) ~ Jamie O’Neal


Strip Series

Strip (Pt 1) ~ Adam Ant

Symphony (Pt 2) ~ Jessica Riddle


Stronger Series

Stronger (Pt 1) ~ Britney Spears

She Bangs (Pt 2) ~ Ricky Martin


Tear Away Series

Tear Away (Pt 1) ~ Drowning Pool

Everything (Pt 2) ~ Lifehouse


Tell Me On A Sunday Series

Tell Me On A Sunday (Pt 1) ~ Michael Crawford

Waiting For The Tide (Pt 2) ~ Melanie Doane

How You Cried (Pt 3) ~ Melanie Doane

No Place That Far (Pt 4) ~ Sara Evans


The First Hello, Last Goodbye Series

The First Hello, Last Goodbye (Part 1) ~ Roger Whittaker

All For Love (Pt 2) ~ Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart


The Consequences Of Falling Series

The Consequences of Falling (Pt 1)  ~  K.D. Lang

Angel’s Wings (Pt 2)  ~ Westlife


The Heart Never Learns Series

The Heart Never Learns (Pt 1) ~ Gloria Estefan

I Love You Goodbye      (Pt 2) ~ Celine Dion

I’m Not Giving You Up  (Pt3) ~ Gloria Estefan


The Mother Of The Year Party Series

Colorblind (Pt 1) ~ The Counting Crows

Tell Me I Was Dreaming (Pt 2) ~ Travis Tritt

If I Lost You (Pt 3) ~ Travis Tritt


These Boots Are Made For Walking Series

These Boots Are Made For Walking (Pt 1) ~ Nancy Sinatra

Bag It Up (Pt 2) ~ Geri Halliwell


The Sweetest Days Series

The Sweetest Days (Pt 1) ~ Vanessa Williams

Do You Dream of Me (Pt 2) ~ Michael W. Smith


Thieves In The Temple Series

Thieves In The Temple (Pt 1) ~ Prince

Easy As Life (Pt 2) ~ Tina Turner


This Woman Needs Series

This Woman Needs (Pt 1)~ SheDaisy

Lucky 4 You (Pt 2) ~ SheDaisy


We Didn’t Start The Fire Series

We Didn’t Start The Fire (Pt 1)~ Billy Joel

When I Said I Do (Pt 2) ~ Clint Black With Lisa Hartman-Black


What Can You Lose Series

What Can You Lose (Pt 1) ~ Madonna

And So It Goes  (Pt 2) ~ Billy Joel


What You Are Series

What You Are (Pt 1) ~ Dave Matthews Band

Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (Pt 2) ~ Ricky Martin With Christina Aguilara


Who Wants To Live Forever Series

Who Wants To Live Forever (Pt 1) ~ Queen

With These Eyes (Pt 2) ~ Roch Voisine


Wish You Were Here Series

Wish You Were Here (Pt 1) ~ Mark Wills

Don’t Say You Love Me (Pt 2) ~ The Corrs


Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again Series

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Pt 1) ~ The Phantom of The Opera

Up To My Ears In Tears (Pt 2) ~ Alan Jackson

The Space Between Us (Pt 3) ~ Melanie Doane

I Still Believe (Pt 4) ~ Mariah Carey


Written In The Stars Series

Written In The Stars (Pt 1) ~ Elton John With LeAnn Rimes

Iris (Pt 2) ~ Goo Goo Dolls


Wrong Again Series

Wrong Again (Pt 1) ~ Martina McBride

When You Are Old (Pt 2)  ~ Martina McBride

4 Minus 3 Equals Zero (Pt 3)  ~ George Strait


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